About CassMae

Having been born blind Cassandra used her feet for orientation. When she started “drumming” them too hard on the ground, she switched to playing the African drum.

At the age of three, she became deeply fascinated by Chopin, so she started improvising on the piano, playing her first melodies and eventually sang her own songs.

She loved to feel the audience and share her inner feelings.

When she experienced bullying, she wrote her intimate song “Bullies” to cope with her situation and instantly won the national songwriting contest of the Berliner Festspiele in 2015.

This appreciation made her stronger.

Cassandra started to appear on radio and in several TV productions, worked with international artists in a museum.

In 2016, she successfully joined the TV show “Dein Song” for young composers and sang her song “Going home” in the finale feat. Sara Hartman.

In 2017 she was among the 5-week-winners with her song “The way I am” at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Returning from the US she started working on the title song “The day I became strong” for the “Prix Jeunesse International 2018” a festival and competition for 500 children-/youth broadcasting companies.

Last year 17-year old Cassandra returned to drumming, started learning “Tabla” and experimenting with new, more oriental sounds and languages.  Ever since she´s also been invited to play at Indian concerts and in yoga retreats.

In November 2018 CassMae got contracted by Kick The Flame Publishing in Leipzig.

In 2019 she performed at bigger festivals, such as the “Tag der Begegnung – Sommerblut Kulturfestival” in Cologne, with bands like Culcha Candela and artists like Leslie Clio, Jochen Distelmeyer, Tan Caglar.

This year she will also be returning to the Chalabre Serenade Festival in France by Vinx. As part of the Soul Kitchen she will again be performing with international artists as Maritri Garrett, Heston Francis, Megan Chappius, Cleveland, Lee Payne and many more.

She can be found on YouTube & Facebook by her stage name “CassMae”, on Instagram by “cassmaeofficial”.

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